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Grand Seiko Watches and Wonders 2024
Known for its precision, craftsmanship, and innovative design, Grand Seiko introduced several stunning new models this year at Watches & Wonders 2024. Discover the new Grand Seiko watches.
Discover New Bremont Watches - Watches and Wonders 2024
Bremont revealed their latest watches at the Watches and Wonders 2024 event in Geneva. Discover the key features of the new Bremont watches today.
New TAG Heuer Watches – Watches And Wonders 2024
Discover the new TAG Heuer watches released at the Watches and Wonders event 2024 and find out the key features and cutting-edge technology used in each one. Will one of these be your next TAG Heuer watch?
Elevate Your Style With Signet Rings
Signet rings, full of history and tradition, are timeless symbols of prestige as well as personal identity. These rings, typically crafted from precious metals such as gold or silver, often feature a unique design or emblem engraved onto the surface of the ring's flat top.
Introducing 4 Daring New Additions By TUDOR
Discover the latest TUDOR watches for 2024 with 4 daring new additions: The Black Bay 58 GMT, Black Bay, Black Bay 58 18k & Clair de Rose.
Rolex Grand Slam Of Show jumping
Widely considered the greatest challenge in equestrianism, the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping rewards the outstanding rider who wins, consecutively, the Grand Prix at three of the four Majors.
Emerald Jewellery - A Red Carpet Favourite
Emerald jewellery is known for its green hue, high value, and huge cultural significance. In this article, we discover emerald jewellery’s, historical roots, symbolic meanings, and the appeal that makes it a sought-after gemstone for both personal adornment and meaningful gifts.
TUDOR Watches - A Royal Association
There are lots of TUDOR watch models with fascinating royal connections, each with a unique story and heritage. These links to royalty include the Royal Navy, Armed Forces, The Tudor period and The Tudor dynasty.
From Cleopatra to Kate Middleton: The Fire Within Ruby Jewellery
Ruby jewellery is known for its high value and striking red hue. In this article, we explore ruby jewellery and its rich history, significance, and the enduring charm that makes it a cherished choice for gemstone jewellery.
Rolex - Sea-Dweller
Rolex created the Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller in 1967 to meet the challenge of prolonged underwater missions. The Sea Dweller is specifically designed for saturation diving. Thanks to its helium escape valve, it can withstand decompression on ascent and master the return to the surface.
Sapphire Jewellery – A Symbol Of Timeless Beauty
Sapphires have long captivated the world with their stunning hues and striking beauty. These precious gemstones are a variety of the mineral corundum and are known for their exceptional hardness, second only to diamonds.
Rolex - Sky-Dweller
Elegant and technically sophisticated, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller was designed for those continually travelling the globe. Featuring the Saros annual calendar and Ring Command system, it simultaneously indicates two time zones, as well as the date and month, and allows them to be adjusted with one simple gesture.
Rolex Mentor
Rolex is celebrating 20 years of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, part of the brand's longstanding commitment to global arts and culture.
Rolex - Perpetual 1908

Elegant, classic and decidedly contemporary, the Perpetual 1908 immortalises Rolex's age-long daring spirit. Heir to the brand's aesthetic heritage as much as to its numerous innovations in watchmaking, the watch marks a new milestone in the brand's pursuit of excellence. 

The Elegance of Cumbria Crystal
Cumbria Crystal is a renowned producer of high-quality lead crystal glassware. Their dedication to traditional craftsmanship and use of time-honoured techniques sets them apart.
From Gears to Quartz: A Journey Through the Evolution of Watch Movements
Understanding the different watch movements is essential. From the classic mechanical movements to the accurate quartz movement and the innovative hybrid movements.
WOLF - Luxury Jewellery and Watch Accessories
WOLF crafts sophisticated cases to protect and maintain jewellery and watches such as automatic watch-winders, jewellery boxes, and leather goods. WOLF stands as an emblem of heritage and artistry that has spanned generations.
Rolex - The Ryder Cup

Rolex is Worldwide Partner of The Ryder Cup, the 44th edition of which takes place from 29 September to 1 October 2023 in Italy. Created in 1927, The Ryder Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. 

Introducing the new Pelagos FXD
The new Pelagos FXD pays tribute to decades of TUDOR watches on the wrists of US Navy divers. Complete with fixed strap bars, a titanium case, a high-performance Manufacture Calibre and a unidirectional elapsed-time rotating bezel, it comes as the ultimate modern “Milsub”.
Rolex US Tennis Open 2023

The US Open is the final Grand Slam® tournament of the tennis season. As a privileged partner of the sport worldwide, Rolex has been associated with this event since 2018. As a vital partner of tennis, Rolex has been Official Timekeeper of the US Open since 2018.

'Keep Going Forward' with Seiko Watches
Seiko is a well-known watchmaking company that originated in Japan in 1881. Seiko has solidified its position as a prominent brand in the watchmaking sector and is renowned for crafting dependable timepieces offered at accessible prices.