Longines Watches - ‘Elegance is an attitude’

Longines Watches - ‘Elegance is an attitude’

Who are Longines?

Founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz, Longines is a Swiss watchmaking company who have been creating exceptional timepieces that are built with expertise, tradition and elegance. Longines have developed to become one of the world-leading Swiss watch brands, and have played a pioneering role in many timekeeping and technological breakthroughs. Longines is known for consistently displaying their key characteristic of elegance throughout all collections, as well as having a strong presence in the world of sporting events, such as the Commonwealth Games. Discover Longines watches online at Deacons Jewellers Swindon.  

Longines watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

The development of Longines

Since their beginning in 1832, Longines has built a strong heritage and legacy in the watchmaking industry. Over time, Longines has produced a wide variety of high-beat chronographs, stopwatches, chronometers and other timekeeping instruments. The first Longines chronograph was developed in 1878, and quickly became very popular with equestrian sports enthusiasts. 

By 1912, Longines had already shaped the history of timekeeping within sporting events by introducing the first timing mechanism to be automatically triggered by an electric wire. This obsession with accuracy has pushed Longines to develop a watch capable of recording up to a millionth of a second. Longines are still producing vital and innovative equipment that is used to meet the timing requirements of many prestigious sports. 

Today, Longines remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that all of their watch collections offer a combination of tradition, elegance and performance. You can browse both men's and women's Longines Classic and Sports watches online at Deacons Jewellers. Alternatively, you can visit us in our Swindon Showroom to view our range of Longines watches in-person. Get in touch with Deacons today to book your appointment!


Longines Watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

Why should I buy a Longines watch?

As a world-leading watch brand, Longines is proud to include the ‘Swiss Made’ trademark on all of their timepieces. This guarantees a standard of quality that has been established over many years, and is today a world-renowned symbol of watchmaking excellence. This Swiss-made label also allows Longines watches to be instantly recognised as reliable, precise and well-built movements. You can be certain that when purchasing a Longines timepiece, you are receiving a Swiss-made, high quality mechanical or quartz watch that is affordably priced, without compromising on standard.

What are the most popular Longines watch collections?


Longines classic watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

Longines Classic Watches 

The Longines Classic Watches are a symbol of both excellence and elegance, guaranteeing the perfect timepiece for those looking for stylish simplicity and a timeless design. Discover the fine craftsmanship of Longines Classic Watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon.

The Longines Master Collection

As a traditional Swiss watchmaking company, Longines is known for producing exceptional, reliable and stylish timepieces since their inception in 1832. The Longines Master Collection fully embodies this company ethos, and is the perfect illustration of the painstaking attention to detail, high quality and modern design features that Longines achieve.

This is clearly shown by the overwhelming success of the original 'Master Collection' watch that was launched in 2005, as well as the popularity of the many Longines Master Collection watches that have been released since. Each of the various models in the Longines Master Collection offer many special and unique features, and are all fitted with self-winding movements. Manufactured in keeping with the classical elegance and excellent craftsmanship of traditional Swiss watchmaking, the Longines Master Collection features beautiful watches that are fantastic value for money. 

Shop mens and ladies Longines Master Watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon.

The Longines Elegant Collection

Since their early days of producing traditional Swiss timepieces, Longines have always focused on the elegance of their watches. This is a quality that can be found not only within the Longines Elegant Collection, but in all Longines products and within the company values, reflected in their slogan, ‘Elegance is an attitude’

The Longines Elegant Collection comprises many different models that are the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of Longines watches. Each Elegant timepiece is available in three sizes, and is fitted with self-winding and mechanical movements, as well as brilliant array of dial options.

The Heritage Classic Collection

The Longines Heritage collection combines the original aesthetics of their most historic models with the most modern watchmaking techniques, paying tribute to the innovative spirit that has driven Longines’ watchmakers since 1832. All of the Longines Heritage watches are drawn from this expertise whilst leasing new life into the brands most iconic models.

Discover the classic Longines Heritage Railroad watch at Deacons Jewellers, and browse the full range of Longines Classic Watches online. 


Longines watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

Longines Sport Watches

Sports watches are an essential part of the Longines philosophy, continually producing high quality sports watches that embody the search for performance. The Longines Sport Watches skillfully combine elegant lines and refined technology, providing these timepieces with an unmatched efficiency and precision. 

The Longines Legend Diver Collection

As a reinterpretation of the 1960s divers watch, the Longines Legend Diver Collection holds a special place in the company’s Heritage Collection. The range has gradually expanded over the years but all of the Legend Diver models still retain the spirit and style of the original model, whilst using the latest watchmaking technologies. The Longines Legend Diver watches are steeped in history, with the original being one of the most highly collectible vintage diver's watches.

Find the Longines Legend Diver Automatic Date online at Deacons Jewellers Swindon. To enquire about this watch, get in touch with a member of our team. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

HydroConquest Collection

Longines tradition of combining Swiss watchmaking with sports performance come together brilliantly in the  Longines HydroConquest collection. Available in multiple sizes, making the model suitable for both men and women, the HydroConquest line is for those looking for high performance watches that combine technical innovation and robustness with brilliant time keeping abilities. This versatile collection has recently expanded to include a brilliant variety of colours, cementing it's place as fantastic and contemporary diver's watch collection.

Longines Spirit Collection

The Longines Spirit Collection is a special tribute to the legendary pioneers that conquered the air, land and sea. The watches are dedicated to their displays of courage and endeavor as well as the mark they have left on the history of exploration. This collection links history with innovation by giving a nod to the glory days of aviation and re-imagining that spirit in a watch fit for the present day. 

Discover the Longines Avigation Big Eye at Deacons Jewellers Swindon, a watch with a deep-rooted connection to pioneering aviators across the world. Shop all Longines Sports Watches online at Deacons. 


Longines sports watches at Deacons Jewellers

What is Longines' connection to sport? 

It was in 1878, with the first chronograph manufactured by Longines, that the brand’s long-lasting and world-renowned involvement in sports’ timekeeping began. Continuing to build on their in-house expertise, knowledge and modern techniques allowed for Longines to gradually build a special relationship with the world of sport. Fast-forwarding to the present day, Longines can now count many years of experience as a timekeeper for world championship events in sport and as partners of leading international sports federations. 

Equestrian Sports

Longines deep-rooted passion for equestrian sports dates back to 1869, when the brand created their first, world-renowned equestrian pocket watch that is found to date. It wasn’t long after, in 1878, that Longines also developed a famous 20H calibre chronograph movement which was integrated into and equestrian engraved case. 

This watch meant Longines quickly became renowned for event timekeeping and equestrian sports such as horse jumping, racing and events. From the beginning of Longines' involvement in the equestrian world to today, countless competitions have enjoyed the excellence and reliability of their timepieces. Browse Longines Equestrian Watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon.

Alpine Skiing 

Longines' have been involved in alpine skiing since 1933, with their recognition in sports timekeeping leading them to become the Official Partner of the International Ski Federation (FIS). Longines truly embodies the pioneering spirit that constantly pushes these athletes to surpass their own limits. This embodiment is clear to see through the Longines spirit collection, a classic group of watches based on traditional principles that are built with the most modern technology and excellence in mind.

Commonwealth Games 

Longines had the privilege to provide all of the timing and scoring equipment for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games at Alexander Stadium. As Official Timekeeper and Official Partner of the event, Longines were proud to have timekeeping and data handling specialists keeping track of a remarkable 280 sporting events that took place over 11 days. Longines also look forward to  supporting even more leading athletes as Official Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Commonwealth Games when the XXIII edition gets underway in 2026 from Australia. Browse all Longines Sports Watches online at Deacons Jewellers Swindon.


Longines Watches Ambassadors

Who are the Longines Ambassadors?

Rége-Jean Page

Rége-Jean Page burst onto the acting scene with his Emmy-nominated performance as Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings, in the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’. Establishing himself as an imposing cultural presence, Rége-Jean Page was honoured on the 2021 TIME 100 Next list, the magazine’s annual list of individuals who are shaping the future of their fields and leading the next generation. 

With a natural sense of style and a fresh self-awareness, Rége-Jean Page embodies a new expression of the elegance that has always been at the heart of Longines. Discover the Longines Master Collection today. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar-winning actress and activist, is another Longines Ambassador of Elegance. While Jennifer’s film roles, such as Katniss Everdeen in ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Winter’s Bone’, and most recently, ‘Don’t Look Up’, have proved extremely successful, she is much more than just a movie star. 

Off-screen, Jennifer Lawrence is a passionate advocate for gender equality and is also on the board of Represent.us, a nonpartisan organisation that is working nationally to pass powerful anti-corruption laws.

This, when combined with elegant yet powerful presence on screen, makes her a fantastic ambassador and representative for the brand.

Kate Winslet 

Kate Winslet, the magnificent Oscar winning actress, joined the Longines family in 2010. She built her career by playing film characters that go against classic stereotypes, displaying passionate romance and eccentric individualism. 

In June 2017, during her visit to the Longines' headquarters, Kate Winslet presented her choice of an exclusive, and very limited, new Longines timepiece - The Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet. Three of the models created were auctioned for the benefit of the Golden Hat Foundation, with the first timepiece belonging to Kate Winslet herself and the second being kept in the Longines museum. 

Edouard Schmitz

Recently, Longines were thrilled to welcome Swiss showjumping rider Edouard Schmitz to its family of esteemed ambassadors and equestrian testimonials. With a combination of the determination and desire to constantly set new standards in his discipline, much like the mission of Longines, Edouard Schmitz stands for a new generation of successful young riders on the way to the top of showjumping and continues to enhance his already sparkling legacy. Discover all Longines Equestrian timepieces at Deacons Jewellers Swindon. 


Longines watches at Deacons Jewellers

Longines Watches at Deacons Jewellers

Here at Deacons Jewellers Swindon, we are proud stockists of Longines Watches and have a wide range of mens and womens luxury timepieces for you to try. Take a look online today, or feel free to visit us at our Swindon Showroom. For more information about Longines at Deacons Jewellers, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team!