Clock Repairs

With a deep appreciation for the art and history of clockmaking, we specialise in the meticulous repair, restoration and servicing of clocks. At our clock repair workshop, we combine traditional techniques with modern expertise to breathe life back into your broken or damaged clocks.

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Types of Clock Repairs and Services

Clock repairs and restoration

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide clock repairs and restoration of the highest quality, preserving the beauty and functionality of your timepieces.

Clock servicing

We take great pride in offering high-quality clock servicing, where our attention to detail ensures your timepieces run flawlessly and stand the test of time.

Antique clocks

Our team is also highly experienced in the repair and servicing of antique clocks, preserving the historical and aesthetic value of these timepieces.


Is clock servicing important?

Clock servicing involves cleaning, oiling, and adjusting the internal components of a clock to ensure it functions accurately. It is crucial for maintaining the clock's longevity and preserving its value.

How often should I service my clock?

The frequency of servicing depends on the type of clock. Generally, mechanical clocks should be serviced every 3-7 years, while quartz clocks may require less frequent maintenance. Antique clocks may need more frequent attention due to their age and wear.

Can I service my clock myself?

While simple maintenance tasks like dusting and changing the batteries in quartz clocks can be done by yourself, professional servicing is recommended for most mechanical and antique clocks. Attempting to service a clock without the necessary expertise can lead to damage.

Can antique clocks be restored without losing their value?

Restoration can enhance the appearance and functionality of an antique clock. However, it's crucial to work with a clock restorer who understands the historical and collectors' value of the timepiece to preserve its authenticity.