About Deacons

Jewellers, Watch & Clock Makers

Our History

Deacon & Son (Swindon) Ltd, was founded as a jewellers, watch & clock makers by George Deacon in 1848 and remains a family run business now in its sixth generation.

The catalyst for bringing the name of Deacon to Swindon was undoubtedly the arrival of the Great Western Railway. As an ambitious 26 year old George Deacon, having moved from his home town of Westbury, realised the need for time-keeping in a fast growing town of the industrial revolution. The business was able to expand, winning one of the timing contracts for the Great Western Railway on the line between Paddington and Swansea from the early 1850s until 1893.

The Early Days

It is difficult to imagine that in 1848 the California Gold Rush was yet to happen (1849) and Cecil Rhodes had not even contemplated opening up South Africa. In these early days George Deacon was reliant on obtaining diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones from South America, in particular from Brazil where an agent was employed to bring back goods to England.

Pictured (above centre) is George Deacon on his horse, Barnam, taken in May 1907 at the regimental sports ground, Warminster. George was a Sergeant in the Wiltshire Yeomanry.

Family Succession

Through the Generations

Current Day

Michael and Joy have now been succeeded by their son Richard as Managing Director, and sister Sara. Richard and Sara represent the 6th generation of the Deacon family, ensuring the name continues well beyond the millennium when it is hoped more milestones may be reached.