watch workshops

Watch Workshops

Servicing, Repairs and Restoration

Watch Servicing & Repairs

Here at Deacons, we are proud to provide extensive servicing, repair and maintenance capabilities for a variety of watches. Our state-of-the-art workshops are equipped to the highest of standards and are home to our four fully accredited watchmakers – of which we are so privileged to have as a part of the Deacons team.


Watch Servicing

The regular servicing of your watch is essential in maintaining its condition and longevity. We advise a service period of every 3 - 5 years for the majority of mechanical watches and you should always be keeping an eye on your watch to ensure it is functioning as it should be. If ever it isn’t, we are here and happy to help.

Deacons' highly qualified watchmakers are able to repair and service an extensive list of brands as well a range of watches, from antique pocket watches to modern quartz pieces as well has highly complicated mechanical movements.


Watch Cleaning & Retouching

The cleaning and polishing of your watch can completely re-new its appearance, restoring it to the former glory of when it was first purchased. This part of the service is completely cosmetic but is brilliant value for the massive difference it can make.

Our watch cleaning and polishing service at Deacons is expertly handled by our trained technicians who have all undergone specialist polishing courses. You can trust all of us here at Deacons to treat your timepiece with the excellence it deserves.


Watch Repairs

Though servicing a watch is essential, sometimes, localised repairs and adjustments are all a watch needs to get it working as it should be. You can come to us with the peace of mind knowing that our team of watchmakers are able to diagnose the issue quickly and accurately.

If you have any concerns about your timepiece’s condition, visit us in our Swindon showroom to discuss your options in-person with a member of our team.


Watch Replacement Parts

Deacons hold an array of spare parts, ranging from simple batteries to complex mainsprings. These have been accumulated from years of trading and can help us in servicing vintage timepieces where parts are not naturally abundant.

High-quality services

Brand Accredited Workshop

We provide brand accredited repairs and services for world leading watch brands including Rolex, Omega, TUDOR, TAG Heuer, Longines, Grand Seiko, Rado, Bremont, Tissot, Seiko and more. With our in-house watchmaking expertise, you can be confident that all work completed will be of the same quality as that from original manufacturer, giving us great pride in all that we do.


Qualified Technicians

Our technicians collectively have over eight decades of professional watchmaking experience. This, paired with our highly specialised
equipment, helps us to work to the highest watchmaking standards.

Rolex Servicing & Repairs

Here at Deacons Jewellers, we are proud to service Rolex watches. Our expert team have been specially trained by Rolex and are true experts in the field of Rolex watchmaking. The service period for a new Rolex watch is up to 10 years though this varies based on usage. Pre-2016 models need servicing more regularly so we would recommend doing so every 5 years.


Rolex Service Centre

You can learn more about the Deacons’ Rolex Service Centre, as well as the Rolex Servicing Procedure below. To enquire about Servicing your Rolex, please visit us in-store or call 01793 522072 – we will always be happy to help.

rolex watch servicing procedure


Rolex Servicing Procedure

Rolex timepieces are truly built to last the test of time. At Deacons, we uphold that quality and are proud to be part of the worldwide network of Authorised Rolex Service Centres.

Rolex Service