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Emerald Jewellery - A Red Carpet Favourite
Emerald jewellery is known for its green hue, high value, and huge cultural significance. In this article, we discover emerald jewellery’s, historical roots, symbolic meanings, and the appeal that makes it a sought-after gemstone for both personal adornment and meaningful gifts.
From Cleopatra to Kate Middleton: The Fire Within Ruby Jewellery
Ruby jewellery is known for its high value and striking red hue. In this article, we explore ruby jewellery and its rich history, significance, and the enduring charm that makes it a cherished choice for gemstone jewellery.
Sapphire Jewellery – A Symbol Of Timeless Beauty
Sapphires have long captivated the world with their stunning hues and striking beauty. These precious gemstones are a variety of the mineral corundum and are known for their exceptional hardness, second only to diamonds.
Clogau - Welsh Gold Designer Jewellery
Clogau is a second generation family business that is based in North Wales.  Each and every piece of Welsh Clogau Jewellery contains rare, traditional, high quality Welsh gold. Discover Clogau at Deacons Jewellers.
What are the birthstones and their meanings?
Birthstones are gems that are associated to a birth month, with each stone holding a unique meaning and significance. They are commonly seen as coloured gemstones. Discover birthstones at Deacons Jewellers.
Shaun Leane - Award Winning British Designer
Shaun Leane is an award winning jewellery designer who has a breadth of knowledge and experience in the jewellery industry that spans over 35 years. He is known for redefining the standard of British jewellery design, combining unique innovation with exquisite craftsmanship.
Pearl Jewellery for Weddings

Pearl jewellery represents purity, innocence, and loyalty. Its association with keeping tears at bay as well as promoting strong marital bonds make them a meaningful choice of wedding jewellery!