Pearl Jewellery for Weddings

Why Pearl Jewellery? 

Have you ever wondered why pearl jewellery is so popular, especially for brides?  


Pearl Jewellery at Deacons


Pearl jewellery represents purity, innocence, and loyalty. Its association with keeping tears at bay as well as promoting strong marital bonds make them a meaningful choice of wedding jewellery.

The sense of goodness that they hold echoes the qualities that bear a deep meaning for a wedding day, as well as with the attributes that are essential to begin a married life. The pearl perfectly complements the traditional connotations of ‘Bridal Purity’, perhaps because of their colour and the way they are naturally cultivated.

Pearl Jewellery for Brides

At weddings, pearls are often worn in Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. Besides their undeniable iridescence, they glow and enhance the beauty of the bride’s look without becoming a distraction. Their unmatched lustre provides a beautiful neutral jewellery pairing with almost any wedding dress and veil.

Often, family members pass down jewellery to the bride that had previously belonged to earlier generations. In many cases, mothers have bequeathed to their daughters a string of pearls, which they may then decide to incorporate into their own wedding day look. This creates an element of sentiment and value within the choice of bridal jewellery. 

Most brides follow the tradition of finding 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue' for their wedding day. In many cases, a bride's 'something old' or 'something borrowed' is, as previously mentioned, a gifted piece of jewellery that their mother wore on her wedding day. Some brides wish to have this piece remodelled, to fit with their personal style and taste. Here at Deacons Jewellers, we offer a Bespoke Jewellery Service. Our expert team can remodel your heirloom jewellery, to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece for your Wedding Day. 

 Pearl Jewellery at Deacons

Pearl Jewellery as Gifts 

The rarity and sophistication of the presence of pearls makes them a stunning gift to give at a wedding. Pearl Jewellery has built a reputation as gifts between the bride and her bridesmaids, symbolising enduring friendship and sisterhood.

From a simple, uniform, single row of pearls to matching pendant and earring sets, rings and bracelets, Deacons can help you to find the perfect pearl gift to present on the 'Big Day'. Say thank you with pearls! 

Pearl Jewellery at Deacons