Clogau - Welsh Gold Designer Jewellery

Clogau - Welsh Gold Designer Jewellery

Who are Clogau? 

Clogau is a second generation family business based in North Wales. With a timeline spanning over 25 years, their jewellery range has captured the hearts and imaginations of jewellery and Welsh gold lovers from all over the world. Each and every piece of Welsh Clogau Jewellery contains rare, traditional and high quality Welsh gold. 

Clogau jewellery make for brilliant heirloom pieces with both sentimental and cultural significance in every item. Clogau continually aims to reflect their permanent tie to Wales within all of their collections. Take the following collections, for example; Clogau Welsh Dragon Collection, St. David's Daffodil Collection and the Tree of Life Collection.

Clogau's Welsh heritage defines who they are and is the cornerstone for their future growth. It is clear that Clogau’s future will be as successful as their story has been to date, with their stunning, unique pieces taking the jewellery industry by storm.


Clogau Jewellery Model

Clogau’s Story as Welsh Gold Jewellers

In 1989, Clogau's founder, William Roberts, made an unexpected and exciting discovery - an abandoned gold mine in the mountains of Snowdonia, now known as the Clogau St. David’s mine in Bontddu. Roberts initially planned to transform this gold mine into a tourist attraction where visitors could pan for gold but due to its unused state and the location within the Snowdonia National Park, his idea was opposed. With that decision, he took a chance, gambling on there being undiscovered gold within the mine! 

To discover more about the Clogau St. David's Gold mine, click here

This decision paid off and Roberts began using the precious gold he found to exclusively create beautiful jewellery full of heritage, style and quality. Using Welsh culture as his key design inspiration, the first range of jewellery emerged in 1994 and consisted of five pieces that were sold in a handful of small gift shops near the Clogau St. David’s gold mine. By this time, he had already mined large quantities of the Welsh gold and created a stockpile. The foundations of Clogau had been laid! Today, all of the Clogau pieces are made with this exclusive Welsh Gold, just as William Roberts had intended. 

What jewellery do Clogau make today? 

Prospering from just three employees and a handful of pieces in the early 1990s, Clogau has firmly established itself and is a nationally-renowned brand. It is sold worldwide within leading jewellery shops, online, as well as on some of the world’s most prestigious airlines! On top of this, Clogau were the proud winners of the Brand of the Year award at the UK Jewellery Awards in both 2012 and 2015. They also proudly won the Bridal Collection of the Year in 2015 for their Clogau Compose range of bespoke engagement rings

Despite Clogau’s growing success, they remain a Welsh family business who remain committed to creating Welsh gold jewellery for their customers to wear with pride and treasure.

Welsh Gold at Clogau 

Each and every piece of Clogau jewellery contains rare Welsh gold. Due to its scarcity, however, only a small amount of Welsh gold can be included within each piece of Clogau Jewellery. This ensures the longevity of the precious Welsh gold supplies, as well as the affordability of their pieces, whilst keeping the Welsh heritage in each item.

Find out more about the Welsh gold used within Clogau Jewellery by clicking here.

Welsh gold has been used by members of the British Royal Family for over 100 years and is famous for being selected as the choice of metal to create the wedding rings of Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, King Charles, and most recently, The Duchess of Sussex. This royal influence has made Welsh gold some of the most sought after jewellery in the world. To learn more about the use of Welsh Gold within the Royal Family, view the timeline using this link. 

You can be guaranteed that Clogau jewellery contains rare Welsh gold. This is because all of their pieces carry the unique Welsh Dragon and ‘CG’ mark, which is delicately stamped during the creation of each Clogau item. Crafted using traditional jewellery-making techniques and painstaking detail, each Clogau piece is hand-finished to perfection. This ensures lasting pleasure and the promise that Clogau jewellery will remain as special as the day it was purchased when passed down through generations.


White Gold Jewellery Clogau

What is Clogau’s Jewellery inspired by?

Keeping true to their Welsh roots, the designers at Clogau take pride in the fact that all of their inspiration comes from their doorstep - that is, the edges of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Snowdonia offers a deep, rich tapestry of history, culture and natural beauty that is at the heart of Wales's national heritage. 

Snowdonia’s breathtaking natural beauty attracts millions of visitors each year, it's diverse range of wildlife, mountains, lakes, woodlands and valleys drawing people in. Clogau’s love and passion for Wales' ancient history, mythology and stunning natural scenery provides them with countless opportunities to create the most wonderful pieces of unique jewellery!

Clogau jewellery collections inspired by Welsh natural beauty

Swallow Falls - Gliding through the forests of Snowdonia National Park is the Llugwy River that runs into one of North Wales most well-known waterfalls, Shallow Falls. The elegant waves of the waterfall flowing through the ravine is the inspiration behind the unique design of this beautiful Clogau Welsh Jewellery collection. 

Stars of the Llyn Peninsula - As night falls in the Llyn Peninsula, stargazers are awed by celestial beauty. Inspired by the Welsh skies that provide this spectacular light show, these sterling silver and 9ct rose gold pieces containing rare Welsh gold are set with dazzling faceted white topaz. It's a beautiful symbol of nature's capacity to claim and control us. 

Awyr Y Nos - Just like the stars on a dark clear night in the heart of the Welsh countryside, Clogau's Awyr Y Nos collection shines uninterrupted, radiating celestial beauty. Set in sterling silver, adorned with 9ct rose gold containing rare Welsh gold, it features genuine round faceted white topaz. 

Pistyll Rhaedr - The rushing water at Pistyll Rhardr creates a natural template that instills a sense of calm. Inspired by the wonder of Wales' highest waterfall, this sterling silver and 9ct rose gold collection contains a touch of rare Welsh gold, adorned with genuine faceted white topaz gemstones. A beautiful symbol of tranquility and finding your inner peace. 

The creation of Clogau Designer Jewellery 

Creating Clogau Jewellery is an art that takes countless hours of outstanding designing, craftsmanship and quality checks. All of the craftsmen at Clogau hand-craft each product using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time for generations. Clogau jewellery is made using only the best quality Silver, 9ct-18ct Gold, and 9ct-18ct Rose Gold. Learn more about the precious metals and what the best choice is for you here

You can be certain that whenever you hold and wear one of their pieces, the love and dedication that have been put into making it will show. This dedication to quality was instilled from the very beginning by William Roberts, with each piece being hand-finished and passed through a strict and thorough quality control procedure. 


Colgau Jewellery Collections

Popular Clogau Jewellery Collections

Explore some of Clogau's most highly coveted designs and collections...

Gold of Royalty 

The Gold of Royalty features exquisite jewellery drawing on the opulent femininity and luxurious extravagance of Clogau's magnificent royal heritage. Each designer piece contains rare Welsh gold, as used by some members of the British Royal Family since 1923. Browse this special range online today. 

Love Story 

The Love Story Collection was designed to, 'captivate with your feminine charm'. Queen Victoria once said, 'Without him everything loses its interest'. A love for life, shared memories and heartfelt sentiment that runs true to the core is what influences Clogau's Love Story Collection. Celebrate your own, personal love story by gifting a token of your adoration and appreciation - the perfect gifts for Anniversaries, Birthday's and Christmas! Shop now

Natural Beauty

Enchant with your elegance and romance with the Clogau Natural Beauty Range. The beauty of Welsh nature and all that it encompasses can have a profound effect upon our everyday lives. For most of us, there is one special element of the natural world which will forever strike a cord in our heart, which is reflected within the Clogau Natural Beauty Collection. 

Tree of Life Insignia 

The iconic Clogau Tree of Life Range is a metaphor describing the relationship of all life on Earth. A combination of Welsh berries, leaves, and vines represent new life forms that intertwine and evolve from the old, creating evermore beautiful designs with an elegant and organic style. View this stunning collection now! 


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Clogau Jewellery at Deacons

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