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WOLF - Luxury Jewellery and Watch Accessories

Who are WOLF?

WOLF crafts sophisticated accessories, such as automatic watch-winders and jewellery boxes, to protect and maintain jewellery and watches. WOLF stands as an emblem of heritage and artistry that has spanned generations. With roots dating back to 1834, WOLF has a lasting legacy in the world of luxury goods with meticulous attention to detail and an appreciation for the finest materials.

Four generations ago, WOLF began its craftsmanship in Germany, a legacy that later found its way through Sweden to England. Today, this cherished tradition is located in a private workshop in China. Every WOLF creation only uses the finest materials ensuring that every product is executed perfectly and will last a lifetime.

What is WOLF’s history?

WOLF upholds a legacy of unwavering values and principles, with a deep sense of pride that has continued through generations. WOLF remains committed to perfection, luxury, and refinement. Simon Philip Wolf, the current CEO of WOLF, commenced his apprenticeship under the guidance of his father, Philip Wolf IV, sharing the wisdom passed down through each generation.

In 1834, German silversmith Philipp Wolf I recognised that elegant boxes complemented his silverware. The boxes quickly outgrew his jewellery and became the cornerstone of the business. He quickly realised that accessories were the path for WOLF to go down and he then began to exclusively create jewellery boxes. The company then moved to Sweden when his son, Phillip Wolf II, established his own workshop. This expanded the company and after the war it travelled into America and England, solidifying its stature. Today, the Wolf Family business continues its legacy, crafting a diverse array of fine-quality products. 

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What are WOLF inspired by?

WOLF is inspired by a combination of rich heritage, innovative design, and a deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The brand draws inspiration from its legacy of creating high-end storage solutions for jewellery and watches, passed down through generations. Additionally, WOLF is influenced by the evolving needs and preferences of modern collectors and enthusiasts. This blend of tradition and contemporary vision fuels WOLF's dedication to creating products that not only preserve the beauty of precious items but also enhance the overall experience of owning and displaying them.

Why should I buy a WOLF product?

WOLF is a family-owned business that started with Phillip Wolf I in 1834 and has continued for five generations. The high-quality craftsmanship that Phillip instigated over 185 years ago is still upheld today in their luxury products. Handcrafted products such as jewellery cases and leather goods such as WOLF bags are made to last by using the finest materials and crafted by precision artisans. This enduring legacy of excellence, innovation, and quality includes their remarkable contributions such as the patented WOLF LusterLoc™ technology and their innovative watch winder patent, which further cement their position as leaders in the industry.

WOLF and Sustainability 

WOLF prides themselves on their sustainability. Their increased commitment to sustainability throughout packaging, labour, materials, and more, contributes to the fight towards climate change.

All of WOLF’s packaging is crafted from 70% recycled waste and exclusively uses 100% recycled paper, recycled cardboard, and recycled cotton and polyester. WOLF also incorporates Bananatex and Mylo in their products. Bananatex is the world's first waterproof fabric made completely from banana plants and Mylo is a sustainable vegan leather. All of WOLF’s jewellery boxes are made using 100% recycled leather. This allows for exquisite luxury goods to be made without having a harmful impact on the environment.

WOLF prioritises safe and fair working environments for all of their workers and ensures that all their factories are in line with emission standards and sustainable practices. WOLF’s pledge to sustainability has been carried out throughout its history. In 1960 Philip Wolf III wrote "Land Drainage and its Dangers as Experienced in Sweden" noting the impact of humans on the environment. CEO Simon Wolf’s grandfather also had a profound concern for the environment including the water quality and the impact of the fishing industry. He then founded the Swedish Salmon and Trout Association in 1948. These values and commitment to the environment and evident throughout the company and carried forward into business.

What are WOLF known for?

Protecting jewellery and watches for over 180 years, WOLF crafts luxury cases such as watch winders, jewellery boxes, and more. WOLF is most known for their exquisite craftsmanship and high attention to detail especially in their watch winders but also for jewellery boxes and leather goods.  

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Watch winders

The WOLF Watch Winder is a carefully crafted precision device designed to protect your watch's health. Automatic watches thrive on movement, however, daily activities don't often provide the necessary rotations required to create enough tension in the main spring of the watch. This deficiency can lead to time inaccuracies and eventual stoppage of the watch.

Unlike other watch-winders that rely solely on time-based estimations, a WOLF watch-winder accurately tracks rotations which will keep your watch’s optimal condition. The WOLF watch-winder gently rotates the watch, ensuring consistent and perfect tension. It has a calibrated turn-per-day setting of 900 which prevents over-winding and guarantees the watch's functionality. Some Winders can be programmed to your specific watch and counts the precise number of rotations that your watch needs. Calculating the number of rotations that your watch needs can be done through the WOLF Watch Winder Turns Calculator, to provide the perfect watch winder settings. Utilising the winder when not wearing your watch daily will keep it primed for wear, especially during long periods, such as overnight. 

Get in touch or visit us in-store to find out more about WOLF watch-winders. Deacons offer a wide range of watches from prestige brands such as Rolex, Tudor, Tissot, Grand Seiko, and more. Explore the watch collection available at deacons today. 

Jewellery boxes

WOLF has created an exquisite range of jewellery boxes that are made with the finest materials. Crafted with a high attention to detail, these boxes are a blend of timeless aesthetics and modern innovation. The LusterLoc™ treated interior lining guards against tarnish for a span of up to 35 years. The jewellery boxes range from spacious extra-large cases to compact travel versions ensuring your jewellery will be safely stored, whether at home or on your journeys.

Get in touch or visit us in-store to find out more about WOLF jewellery boxes at Deacons. 

Leather goods

With origins dating back to 1834, WOLF has mastered the art of creating exquisite leather goods that blend tradition with contemporary design. WOLF offers a diverse range of products that include wallets, bags, belts, and accessories. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in the selection of premium materials and the precision of every stitch, demonstrating a blend of aesthetics and functionality that showcases luxury. WOLF’s leather goods are all made from 100% recycled leather. 

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Are jewellery cases genuine leather? 

All of WOLF’s jewellery cases and accessories are handcrafted with authentic leather. 

How should I clean the leather on my jewellery box?

Leather jewellery boxes can be cleaned with a damp cloth without chemicals to prolong its life. 

How should I clean my WOLF watch-winder?

The leather on a watch-winder can be cleaned by using a damp cloth but avoiding any chemicals to prolong the life of the product. 

What is LusterLoc™?

Jewellery initiates its tarnishing process upon contact with air, however, the LusterLoc™ formula counteracts this process. LusterLoc™ can maintain your jewellery’s pristine condition for up to 35 years. 

Are watch-winders needed?

Automatic watches can still be maintained without a watch-winder as long as they are used regularly. If watches are not used regularly the reduced movement will cause the watch to slow down or even stop working leaving you with the incorrect date/time. Watch-winders are perfect for people who have multiple watches or for watch collectors. Your watch-winder will keep your watches running, protect against damage, and extend the life of the timepiece while using another watch so it is ready to be used when needed. 

Why would I need a watch-winder if I wear my watch daily?

In modern times, where our hands are often occupied with phones and desk-bound routines dominate our days, the rotor of your watch doesn't receive the movement it requires. Typical activities only generate 50% to 60% of the necessary winding tension, while most watches need 80% to 90% tension for a full winding. Placing your watch in a WOLF winder when it isn’t being worn will then allow it to receive the necessary movement to maintain the optimal condition for your watch.

Is my watch compatible with watch-winders?

WOLF watch-winders are compatible with all automatic watches. However manual watches are built differently and therefore won’t work in a watch winder. It is also not necessary for quartz watches as they receive constant energy from their battery.

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WOLF at Deacons

Here at Deacons Jewellers, we have a wide range of WOLF products including watch winders, jewellery boxes and cases, and leather goods including bags and purses. Feel free to visit our Swindon showroom to explore the collection in person or enquire to find out more.