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The Elegance of Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal is a renowned producer of high-quality lead crystal glassware, located in the picturesque Lake District region of England. Their dedication to traditional craftsmanship and use of time-honoured techniques sets them apart in a market filled with mass-produced glassware, making them an excellent gift for your loved one. The English manufacturer has been producing exquisite crystal glassware for decades, and their commitment to quality and tradition has made them a beloved name in the world of luxury glassware. In this article, we'll explore the elegance of Cumbria Crystal by delving into its history, production process, and its iconic appearances in popular culture.

British made Crystal

Cumbria Crystal products stand out for their remarkable uniqueness in the world of fine crystal. They stand apart for their dedication to time-honoured craftsmanship, where each piece is meticulously hand-blown and hand-cut by skilled artisans. This artisanal approach ensures that every item is one-of-a-kind, bearing the mark of the craftsperson's expertise and artistry. The crystal itself is sourced from the finest quality materials, resulting in exceptional clarity and brilliance. Cumbria Crystal is also proud of its commitment to sustainability, using environmentally conscious methods in their production process. The combination of traditional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a sustainable ethos creates exquisite crystal creations that exude elegance, making Cumbria Crystal products truly stand out as unique treasures.

Why is Cumbria Crystal so desirable?

Cumbria Crystal has always been a popular choice in major films and TV series. When placed under lights Cumbria Crystal glassware displays a beautiful shine and sparkle making it perfect for the cameras, as well as you home. These premium quality products are featured at the table of British Embassies and Royal Families as well as being featured in Peaky Blinders, James Bond Casino Royale, Downtown Abbey, The Crown and more.


Cumbria Crystal in james Bond and Downtown Abbey

Cumbria Crystal in Casino Royale

Cumbria Crystal gained international recognition when their glassware was featured in the 2006 James Bond film, "Casino Royale." In a pivotal scene, Daniel Craig's James Bond is seen sipping his iconic Vesper Martini from a Cumbria Crystal glass. This memorable cinematic moment not only showcased the elegance of Cumbria Crystal but also solidified its status as the choice of glassware for the world's most famous spy.

Cumbria Crystal in Downton Abbey

Cumbria Crystal was also displayed in the hit TV series "Downton Abbey." The show, set in early 20th-century England, featured Cumbria Crystal's glassware as the choice for the aristocratic Crawley family. This historical authenticity added a layer of sophistication to the show and further emphasised the brand's association with British elegance.

What is included in Cumbria Crystal's range?

Cumbria Crystal offers a wide range of glassware, including wine glasses, whisky tumblers, decanters, and more. Their product range encompasses both classic and contemporary designs, allowing you to choose pieces that suit your individual style and needs. Whether you're enjoying a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday life, Cumbria Crystal has a piece for every setting.

What are the types of Cumbria Crystal glasses?

Cumbria Crystal offers a diverse range of glasses, each tailored to suit various beverage preferences and occasions. Among their collection, you can find exquisite wine glasses designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of your chosen wine. Cumbria Crystal also offers versatile and elegant water glasses for everyday use. Their highball and tumbler glasses are ideal for cocktails and long drinks, while the graceful flute glasses are perfect for toasting with champagne or sparkling wine. The elegant whiskey tumblers provide the perfect vessel for savouring the complexities of fine spirits. Whatever your drink of choice, Cumbria Crystal has a glass that not only complements your beverage but also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your table setting. 


cumbria crystal glasses

The history of Cumbria Crystal 

Established in 1976 by Lord and Lady Cavendish, prominent figures in English aristocracy, the company has since built a reputation for creating some of the world's finest crystal products. The Grasmere cut was designed by Lady Cavendish herself which became their first product and the most popular collection still today. The Grasmere Collection is available to view in our Swindon Showroom.

From its opening, the company has taken great pride in creating hand-blown and cut crystalware, adhering to traditional techniques that have endured for generations. The high-quality craftsmanship creates distinctive pieces, ensuring each item in their collections possesses a unique character while maintaining an unwavering commitment to impeccable quality and an elevated status. Over the years, Cumbria Crystal has also collaborated with other luxury brands, further cementing their premium reputation as well as becoming the last remaining manufacturer of luxury full lead crystal in the UK.

How is Cumbria Crystal made?

Cumbria Crystal's commitment to craftsmanship is evident in their production process. Each piece is hand-blown at 1150 °C, cut, and polished by skilled artisans. It takes a team of 9 people 10 days to create each piece of luxury glassware. The use of lead crystal, with its inherent clarity and brilliance, ensures that the final product is both stunning and functional. This attention to detail results in glassware that emits a quality and elegance that is difficult to surpass. 


cumbria crystal glassware making

How to take care of Cumbria Crystal products? 

Taking care of your Cumbria Crystal is essential to maintain its timeless elegance. Firstly, handwashing your glassware is crucial as harsh dishwasher cycles may lead to chipping or clouding. Use warm, soapy water and a gentle, non-abrasive cloth to clean your crystal, then rinse and dry it carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water spots. When storing your Cumbria Crystal, protect it from potential scratches by lining the storage area with soft, non-abrasive materials or ensuring that they are not touching each other. Lastly, handle your crystal with clean hands to avoid transferring oils and dirt, which can accumulate over time. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your Cumbria Crystal retains its exquisite allure for generations to come.

Cumbria Crystal Value

Cumbria Crystal has not only captured the attention of Hollywood and British period dramas, but it is also highly prized among collectors and glassware enthusiasts. The value of Cumbria Crystal lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its craftsmanship and quality. Owning a piece of Cumbria Crystal represents an investment in a tradition of excellence that will stand the test of time. 


cumbria crystal glassware and vases

Cumbria Crystal at Deacons Jewellers

Cumbria Crystal is a brand that embodies elegance and craftsmanship. With a history of producing exceptional crystal glassware and appearances in iconic films and television series, it has firmly established itself as a symbol of sophistication and British luxury. Owning a piece of Cumbria Crystal is not just an investment in glassware; it's an investment in the enduring elegance of British craftsmanship.

Here at Deacons Jewellers, we have a wide range of Cumbria Crystal products including glasses, stemware, decanters, and vases. Feel free to visit our Swindon showroom to explore the collection in person or enquire to find out more.