TAG Heuer - Don't Crack Under Pressure

TAG Heuer - Don't Crack Under Pressure

Who are TAG Heuer? 

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury watch brand that designs, manufactures and markets watches, fashion accessories, eye-wear and even mobile phones by other companies carrying the brand name. With over 50 years of experience, TAG Heuer have paved their own path in the watch industry through endurance, innovation and drive. Their company DNA of motor racing reflects their key values of teamwork, courage, ambition and mental strength shown throughout their history. 

Founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860, the business was initially operated under the name 'Heuer' until 1985 when they joined forces with Techniques d’Avant-Garde, aka, ‘TAG’. With both renowned for their motorsport heritage, the fusion of these two companies was a natural progression. They have since developed to become known for more than just timepieces, but renowned for their recently established, prestigious, and highly valued organisation that provides fine watches for many occasions.  

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What is their history? 

Since 1860, TAG Heuer have embodied cutting-edge work, precision and bold style, marking the world history of the watch industry. Through the two core elements of family leadership and technical innovation, TAG Heuer was built on strong foundations by Edouard Heuer. 

At the young age of 20, he opened his first watchmaking shop, located in Saint-Imier. Heuer began by creating pocket watches, predominantly made from silver. In 1864, Edouard moved the company to Brugg, operating under the name Edouard Heuer & Compagnie. A few years later in 1867, the company relocated to the town of Bienne, remaining there for over 100 years. 

Heuer's innovation continued throughout 1869, where he changed the course of watchmaking with his first patent, which covered a crown-operated, keyless winding system. This proved to be a very popular creation, as this new winding crown replaced the separate key that was required to wind a watch. It is because of this then ingenious invention that the watch winding key is a tool rarely used in today's watch industry. Driven by his instincts as an entrepreneur, as well as his strong visions for the future, Edouard Heuer continued to excel in the areas of design, engineering and manufacturing. 

In the 1800s, sporting competitions became very popular, rapidly expanding into large events. Due to this, Edouard Heuer took the initiative, recognising that accurate pocket chronographs were important to these events, and began producing high-quality, precise pocket chronographs in large quantities. Adorned in a silver case, the chronograph became a status symbol for trendy sporting events and enthusiasts of horse racing, greyhound racing and for other sportsmen. 

Moving towards 1887, Heuer overcame technological boundaries and pushed beyond the limits to progress further, introducing a patent to enhance the ‘oscillating pinion’. Improving this allowed the chronograph to instantly start and stop with the use of a push-button. This simplified the chronograph’s assembly and maintenance, which was a significant development and innovative milestone in watchmaking history. Edouard Heuer deemed this creation as, ‘the perfect chronograph’, and it is still used to this day!

Why does TAG Heuer stand out? 

As one of the highest leading watch brands in existence, TAG Heuer stands out and is famed for their creativity, high powered motor racing pedigree and continued investment into the world of Swiss watchmaking. All of their products display the highest levels of precision, performance and style. With a rich heritage built on pushing boundaries and breaking rules, TAG Heuer have created an abundance of daring designs throughout their history, showcasing unique, daring designs and styles of the utmost quality. Their unmatched, driven and innovative spirit helps them to keep their elevated place in such a wide market. 


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 What sports are TAG Heuer involved in? 


High steering precision under extreme time pressure. The ultra-competitive world of motorsports shares TAG Heuer’s quest for cutting-edge innovation and high performance’.

Driven by their deep ties with motor racing, TAG Heuer proudly stands alongside the very best motorsport drivers and teams, such as Oracle Red Bull Racing and the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, as well as world championships like the Monaco Grand Prix as the ‘Official Timekeeper’ and ‘Official Watch’. 


‘On every court, against every opponent, they have only one goal in mind: become the world’s very best and break new records’. 

Faithful to their long-standing spirit of avant garde, TAG Heuer supports bold and fearless tennis legends of tomorrow that are determined to mark the history of their sport such as Naomi Osaka, Denis Shapovalov, Petra Kvitova, and Auger Aliassime. TAG Heuer is with them point after point, and game after game.


‘The game of kings, and the king of games’. 

A combination of elegance, vision and high-precision is needed within golf, requiring maximum commitment and focus to master every shot. Building on these shared values when it comes to watchmaking, and their frequent involvement in sports timekeeping, TAG Heuer partners with the world’s most prominent golf champions and tournaments across the globe.

What is their mission? 


In the 1990s, TAG Heuer introduced their famous slogan, ‘Don’t crack Under Pressure’,  which became a milestone in the brand’s history, and has been revived throughout multiple campaigns. This phrase embodies the determination, courage and excellence that TAG Heuer strives for, growing into a popular, widely spread manifesto.

Since their founding, the company has become a high-profile sponsor of world sporting events such as tennis, motorsports and golf, all of which require self-discipline, teamwork, courage and ambition; characteristics that are at the core of TAG Heuers values. Therefore, ‘#dontcrackunderpressure’ has proven to be an effective, known-by-many slogan, even used within world-class sporting events.


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What are the TAG Heuer designs based on?

Values of a daring pioneering spirit and boldness shape the identity of TAG Heuer watches. All of their designs reflect their core values of teamwork, mental strength, courage and ambition. As masters of time with unparalleled precision, TAG Heuer are prized for their revolutionary design, movement and style. 


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What are TAG Heuer most well-known for?

TAG Heuer are most well-known for their exquisite, perfectly designed chronographs that have made history within the watch industry. Since 1860, they have been combining technological innovation with precise timing, creating the world’s most accurate timing instruments. TAG Heuer have also grown in popularity due to their involvement in sporting events, the timepieces used achieving an outstanding accuracy of 5/10,000ths of a second. 

TAG Heuer’s most popular designs are at the cutting-edge of modern technology, these bold timepieces appealing to those who strive for unique, stand-out styles. The top designs such as the Monaco, Aquaracer and Carrera are iconic and timeless, symbolising the company's 'excellent know-how'.

As well as their classic timepieces and consistent innovation, TAG Heuer are also well-known for their popular collaborations and partnerships. These include: Super Mario, Porsche, and most recently, their connection with Netflix 'The Gray Man'. The TAG Heuer Carrera, featured throughout the film, has been described as, 'the only watch that can keep up with 'The Gray Man', displaying how these timepieces defy the boundaries of luxury watchmaking. 

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