Bremont - The Best of British Luxury

Bremont - The Best of British Luxury

Who are Bremont? 

Bremont are an award-winning British company who have been producing beautifully engineered chronometers since 2002. Their mission is to produce luxury watches of the highest quality, with as much of the manufacturing, design and assembly as possible based in England.

Inspired by a new vigour for life, as well as a shared love for watches and historical aircraft and mechanics, Bremont was founded by two brothers, Nick and Giles English.

What do Bremont do? 

Bremont creates watches that are inspired by the love of  historic aircraft, watches and all things mechanical. Their watches are all built with the same considerable care and attention to detail here in the UK. As a company, they believe that their mission to keep the manufacturing British-based is a huge differentiator between them and their Swiss competition, and that it gives them a real sense of longevity, heritage and foundation in the luxury watch industry.

Bremont places a high regard on quality over quantity. Every one of Bremont's watches are precise, reliable and durable. They are also built in limited quantities and numbers. Their annual production of watches is approximately 10,000 pieces for an annual revenue of £40 million. 

The use of Bremont watches spans far beyond the public consumer market. They have produced custom timepieces for over 400 elite military units worldwide, which is a testament to their reliability and precision. 

Brothers Nick and Giles agree that their watches are designed to appeal to those who share a passion, and appreciation for the innovation and mastery behind a beautiful mechanical wristwatch.  

How did Bremont come to be? 

In the late 1990s, company founders and brothers Nick and Giles English were flying across France in their 1930s Biplane. The weather took a turn and forced them to make an emergency landing. The brothers were keen to avoid the French authorities, so accepted the help of the farmer whose field they had landed in. They stayed at his house, with the plane taking cover in the farmer's barn.

It so happened that the farmer had flown aircraft during the war, and was a gifted engineer. Around his home lay half-restored wall clocks, alongside numerous engine parts. The farmer even wore his father’s wristwatch. The brothers promised that his warm hospitality would never be forgotten. The farmer's name was Antione Bremont. The company name pays homage to this kind and humble man. 

In the 1990’s, Euan, the brother's father, was tragically killed in a flying accident, with Nick being badly injured, nearly dying. The death of their father provided the catalyst and created the drive to begin their own business. They began by manufacturing mechanical objects.  



What is the history of Bremont? 

Although established in 2002, it was some years later that the brothers revealed their first Bremont watch collection to the world. 

In 2010, Bremont signified itself, as well as the tradition of British watch manufacturing, in the luxury watch industry. Throughout the next few years, Bremont continued to refine and innovate their design and manufacture. Nick and Giles’ passion for military flying and aviation adventure continued to play a huge part as Bremont began to grow in popularity.

To expand on Bremont’s ‘British Manufactured’ mission, in 2021, they opened the ‘Bremont Manufacturing & Technology Centre’. It is known as the ‘wing’ and features specialist and state of the art equipment and technology. This was a big step towards Bremont’s goal of having in-house manufacturing. Discover more about 'The Wing' here.

A significant part of history for Bremont was in October 2021, which was when they released their first in-house caliber movement, the ENG300. This was a huge achievement for independent British watchmakers to make within their first 20 years.

Why is Bremont so unique?  

When Bremont was first founded, their initial mission statement was, “To make exquisitely engineered mechanical timepieces on British soil with the lofty objective of reinvigorating the nation’s horological past, using our adventurous spirit, passion for detail, desire to innovate and dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction.”

Bremont are UK Based. Their goal has always been to bring back as much of the watchmaking process to the UK as possible. The watches are all designed, manufactured and assembled in England. 

Bremont is known for precision, reliability and durability which is reflected in their dedication to having lasting, trustworthy, precise timepieces.

Why invest in a Bremont watch? 

Quality - The quality of Bremont’s timepieces is instantly recognisable.  Bremont watches are flawlessly designed and manufactured to the highest standard. In fact, their unique case construction is made with steel that is 7 times harder than a standard watch. Learn more about the technologies used to create these exquisite, high-quality, timepieces by clicking here.

Unique Design - Bremont have always followed their own personal innovation and design preferences, charting their own path in the watch industry. They have always strived to have a more contemporary take on British watches, continually bringing in new technologies and influences. Their nature of manufacturing in the UK helps them to stand out from the other luxury watch brands that are circulated in the market. 

’Tested Beyond Endurance’ - Bremont watches are tested in the harshest of conditions, as well as in extreme environments, which is a testament to their motto, ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’. Many explorers, such as Ben Saunders, Charley Boorman, and Nirmal Nims Purja, who climbed 14 of the 8,000m peaks in just 6 months, have all worn these mechanical watches on their expeditions, and they have come back ticking beautifully. Find out more about how the Bremont Limited Edition Longitude watch is made, and how it is, tested beyond endurance'.

What are the Bremont Collections?  

Spanning from aviation-inspired watches, to timepieces that can explore the depths of the oceans, Bremont has a wide array of designs that are perfectly composed to endure severe conditions, whilst still entrenched in British culture. Discover the Bremont Collections today! 


The Bremont Catalogue Selections Include: 

  1. Altitude, Pilot's Watches
  2. Supermarine, Dive Watches 
  3. Motor Sport, Automotive Watches 
  4. Armed Forces, Military-Inspired Watches 
  5. Time Capsule, Limited Edition
  6. Mayfair, Dress Watches

Some Bremont watches are designed in response to the demand for a professional diver watch that is slightly smaller than those that are already circulated on the market. This makes them popular among watch collectors. 

Bremont Watches at Deacons 

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