A Guide to Diamond Shapes

A Guide to Diamond Shapes


What are Diamond Shapes?

The shape of a Diamond refers to its physical form and geometric appearance, which are arguably a diamond’s most distinguishable features. When shopping for engagement rings, the first decision that is usually made is the preferred shape of the diamond, as it hugely affects the piece’s personality and style. The individuality within each cut results in them reflecting and refracting light completely differently, giving each shape its own sparkle and brilliance. 

The diamond shapes have two categories: Fancy and Round. Round diamonds, also known as Brilliant Round, are the most traditional diamond shapes. Fancy shaped diamonds simply refer to any diamond that is not a round diamond. 

Deacons for Diamonds

Here at Deacons, we have a beautiful and extensive range of engagement rings that make up our Deacons for Diamonds collection. We understand that looking for an engagement ring may be a daunting process, which is why we have created this guide to help you to become an informed diamond buyer, as well as giving you a better knowledge of the different shapes available. Discover more Diamond Education at Deacons Jewellers such as the 4C's of a diamond


Gemstone Shapes


Brilliant Round -  The most popular of all diamond shapes. It is classic, timeless and cut in a way that maximises light dispersion. This is the perfect choice for optimum brilliance and sparkle. A Brilliant Round Diamond Ring is the perfect choice for those looking for a simplistic, but stunning aesthetic.

Oval - An oval shape is a more modern alternative to a brilliant round cut, whilst still maintaining elegance and class. The symmetrical and elongated cut can make the diamond appear larger than its actual carat weight. 

Cushion - The cushion shape works nicely with most ring settings due to its square or rectangular silhouette and rounded corners. The facets are typically larger and make the dispersion of light appear as flashes rather than the sparkle that the brilliant cut diamond displays. 


Diamond and Gemstone Shapes


Princess - Like a cushion cut diamond, a princess cut is square in appearance, but with a cleaner, more contemporary finish. It tends to be the second most popular shape, its symmetry and modern feel making it the choice for many. Classic Princess Rings are timeless in design, and are crafted with precise attention to detail. 

Radiant - Radiant stones hold a rectangular silhouette with trimmed corners, an amalgamation of the elegance of the emerald cut and the sparkle of a brilliant diamond. 

Asscher - An asscher cut diamond is square in appearance with square cut corners. Its steeper facets and deep crown allow this shaped diamond to maximise its sparkle. 

 Gemstone Shapes


Heart - A heart shaped diamond is a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. When choosing a heart, symmetry is a very important characteristic, as it is crucial that the two halves of the heart are identical. 

Emerald - An elegant rectangle silhouette, which is another flattering choice for many finger shapes. The shallow facets make the stone appear more linear and can accentuate the diamond’s clarity and colour. An Emerald Ring demonstrates these qualities with exquisite style and beauty.

Pear - The pear shape features both the characteristics of the brilliant and marquise diamond. This is a flattering option for most finger shapes, and makes for a stunningly unusual diamond. Pear Rings are crafted with precise attention to detail, and make for an elegant, everlasting piece. 


Diamond Shapes


Marquise - Due to its large surface area, a marquise cut diamond can seem large for its carat weight. Its contemporary style is simply stunning, and stands out from the crowd. Marquise rings are truly unique, and are perfect for those who are looking to dazzle and sparkle. 

Trillion - A trillion or trilliant diamond has a triangular silhouette with a geometrical aesthetic, as well as sides of equal length. They have sizeable surface areas compared to most other cuts, so appear larger than their actual weight. 

Baguette - Featuring just 14 facets, this is the simplest of diamond shapes. They often feature in a diamond ring by sitting on the shoulder band, as their long rectangular silhouette displays simplicity and elegance. 

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