Tissot Watches - Innovators by tradition

Tissot Watches - Innovators by tradition

Who are Tissot?

With a rich history and legacy dating back to 1853, Tissot is a Swiss watch brand who are known for their reliability and value for money. Based in Le Locle, Switzerland, Tissot has operated under the umbrella of the world’s largest Swiss timepiece manufacturer, The Swatch Group, since 1983. Tissot provides innovative and traditional watches for watch enthusiasts who appreciate a commitment to quality, style, and reliability. 

From the very beginning, Tissot have been at the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Their dedication to fine craftsmanship and high-standards are combined with a passion for performance and precision. Over the years, Tissot’s pioneering chronographs for both men and women have made headlines, as well as history. For example, the ground-breaking Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar uses sustainable solar energy and connected technology - this confirms Tissot’s long-held commitment to innovation.

Discover Tissot watches for men and women at Deacons Jewellers Swindon. We have a wide selection of luxury Tissot timepieces for you to choose from, including the T-Classic, T-Lady, T-Sport, and Heritage collections. Browse online today or feel free to visit us in our Swindon Showroom. Alternatively, you can enquire about our Tissot watches by getting in touch with a member of our team - we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have! 

What is Tissot’s watchmaking history?

Tissot were founded by Charles-Fèlician Tissot, and his son, Charles-Èmile Tissot, in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853. It did not take long for this family-orientated business to start seeing success. In their founding year, Tissot introduced the very first pocket watch to feature two time zones and they also successfully created the first pocket watch able to be mass-produced.

Tissot built their reputation by building these highly-reliable, gold-cased pocket watches, which soon found a strong and appreciative audience around the world. With one of the most impressive beginnings in watchmaking history, Tissot continued to innovate. In 1930, Tissot merged with leading watch brand Omega, with both businesses now producing luxury timepieces under the greater Swatch Group Umbrella Corporation

Today, Tissot is best known for their well made, brilliant value timepieces, for both men and women, at an affordable price point. Their reputation as reliable Swiss watchmakers, and their legacy as a traditional, family-established company holds true in the modern day and is one of the reasons why Tissot is such a well-loved watch brand. 


Tissot sports watches at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

What is so special about Tissot?

‘Swissness’ - It goes without saying that Tissot’s Swiss-made label is among one of their core values. This 'Swissness' does not just refer to the heritage and quality that their watches are made, but also to the pride they have in their country it's natural landscape. So, it should come as no surprise that Tissot support various causes and are involved in boosting Swiss Alpine tourism and Switzerland’s mountain scenery. This being a sentimental nod to their rich heritage. 

Brilliant value mechanical movements - A key contributor to Tissot's continued success is their ever reliable and quality mechanical movements - available at extremely competitive prices. Tissot, as being part of the Swatch Group, have access to the highest quality mass-produced, from the movement manufacturer ETA. The use of these quality, yet affordable, mirrors their early years as a maker of mass-produced pocket watches.

Which collections are Tissot's most well-known?

Tissot classic watch collection at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

T-Classic Collection 

The Tissot Classic collection is abundant in fine craftsmanship, exquisite design, and brand heritage. As a business, Tissot have always strived to provide the highest level of accuracy and quality, but there is no collection that embodies this better than the timepieces found in the T-Classic collection. Browse all Tissot Classic watches at Deacons here

One of the most popular Tissot watches for men in the T-Classic collection is the Tissot PR 100. True to its name, the Tissot PR 100 is both precise and robust, and is a hugely popular luxury watch family within the Tissot range. These new pieces have been launched to give a more modern look in keeping with modern time, whilst still combining traditional watch design using quality materials and the Swiss reliability of the movement. Discover the Tissot PR 100 at Deacons Jewellers today, one of the best-selling watches of the Tissot Classic family


Tissot sports collections at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

T-Sport Collection

Tissot’s numerous partnerships in the world of sports, as well as their international ambassadors, are a source of inspiration for the Tissot Sport collection. The T-Sport collection features all that you would ever want in a sports watch, offering precision, durability and stylish. Browse all Tissot Sports watches at Deacons.

There are many outstanding timepieces within the T-Sport collection, one of these being the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph. Featuring a stunning dashboard style and high tech materials, the Tissot V8 is an iconic model that will always act as a statement on the wrist. With bold chronographs, punctuated marked digits within a modern typeface, and tachymeter bezels, the Tissot V8 models will appeal to those who want to combine sportiness with a classic look. Discover the Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph online at Deacons Jewellers today, or visit us in our Swindon Showroom to view the T-Sport range in person. 


Tissot Lady Collection at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

T-Lady Collection 

The watches in the T-Lady collection are dedicated to women in touch with fashion and looking for a timepiece to wear for any occasion. The Tissot Lady watches reflect the current trends with their colours, material, and style, illustrating a desired, contemporary lifestyle. Browse all Tissot Lady watches at Deacons Jewellers of Swindon here

When it comes to ladies designer watches, Tissot are the perfect choice, with many different ranges and styles to choose from. One of the best-selling Tissot watches for ladies is the Tissot Le Locle Automatic Small Lady. The title, ‘Le Locle’ seems to be a reliable ingredient of success in luxury watchmaking, and is the name of Tissot’s home and heritage, located in the Swiss Jura Mountains. As a hugely popular automatic watch family, these models display exquisite elegance with details such as Roman numerals, and the traditional Le Locle signature, which completes this classically chic watch. Discover the Tissot Le Locle Automatic Small Lady at Deacons. 


Tissot Heritage Watch Collections at Deacons Jewellers Swindon

Tissot Heritage Collection 

Tissot has a rich history spanning over 160 years, which provides a wealth of inspiration for the Tissot Heritage collection. This collection tells stories of the past in a contemporary style, appealing both to modern watch lovers and vintage collectors. Browse all Tissot Heritage watches at Deacons Jewellers. 

In 1950, Tissot celebrated its anniversary with a series of innovations - one of which was the integration of a date function into the automatic movement in a watch called 'Visodate'. The latest Tissot Heritage Visodate translates nostalgia into a contemporary timepiece, making an classic and highly sought after model far more accessible. With gently a curved dial and domed sapphire glass, the design features of the Tissot Heritage Visodate are geared to showcase a clearly visible date. Discover the Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic at Deacons Jewellers. 

Which sports are Tissot involved in? 

Tissot’s passion for sport is undeniable, with all of their sports watches and timing systems tried, tested and trusted by a range of professional competitions, organisations, and athletes. Tissot are known worldwide for their involvement in basketball, with the NBA and FIBA; in cycling with the Tour de France, Giro d-Italia and La Vuelta; and in motorsports with the MotoGP. These are just some of the names that rely on Tissot as their Official Timekeeper. Browse all men's and women's Tissot sports watches at Deacons Jewellers here

Who are the Tissot ambassadors?

Who are the Tissot ambassadors?

Primož Roglič

Primož Roglič is a world cycling champion with an incredible and unique career path. Born in Yugoslavia, Primož Roglič began his sporting career as a ski jumper, winning several international titles. In 2011, he decided to swap his skis for a racing bike and within just a couple of years, he joined the world’s elite, winning multiple races including La Vuelta, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Tour de Romandie. The Slovenian champion has also achieved numerous Grand Tour podium finishes, and in 2020, was named No.1 road cyclist in the UCI World Ranking. Primož Roglič states, ‘Time measurement is an essential part of my life and my career. For me, this association with Tissot makes perfect sense.’

Klay Thompson

In 2018, Tissot were delighted to welcome talented and determined NBA player, Klay Thompson, to their family of ambassadors. Throughout his career, Klay Thompson has become a three-time NBA Champion, claimed an Olympic gold medal plus an NBA 3-point contest, and has played a key role in the Golden State Warriors success, helping his team to claim their third championship in the past four years alone. Klay himself says: ‘Tissot is a brand that embodies both performance and reliability, which are two critical parts of the game on and off the court.’

Damian Lillard

Selected by Portland as the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Damian Lillard went on to win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2013. Loyal to the Trail Blazers, he has pursued his career with the Oregon team, rising to legendary status. Damian Lillard is known by all as a once-in-a-generation athlete with his own unique approach to watches, saying, ‘I like attractive, accessible watches that adapt to every style. That’s why I love Tissot.’

Liu Yifei

Actor and singer Liu Yifei is a woman of many talents. As a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Liu Yifei first came to the public’s attention in television films, including The Legend of Sword and Fairy, in which the entire nation fell under her spell! Also spotted by Hollywood, Liu Yifei has played alongside award-winning actors Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Nicolas Cage. Starring in the 2020 Disney movie Mulan, she received widespread attention around the world, making her an actor with international influence. Tissot is especially proud to see Liu Yifei representing ‘Le Locle-style’ time!

Tissot Watches at Deacons Jewellers 

Here at Deacons Jewellers, we are proud stockists of Tissot watches and have a wide range of luxury timepieces for you to try, including the T-Classic, T-Sport, T-Lady and Tissot Heritage collections. Browse mens and womens Tissot timepieces online, or feel free to visit us at our Swindon Showroom. For more information about Tissot at Deacons Jewellers Swindon, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today!