Fope - Italian Fine Jewellery

Fope - Italian Fine Jewellery

Who are Fope?

Founded in 1929, FOPE is a family-owned Italian goldsmithing company that has evolved over nine decades into an international jewellery brand. Their collections are characterised by a distinctive design and unmistakably Italian look which is loved around the world. Known for combining elegance and inspiration into each collection, Deacons are pleased to present a specialist selection of their product range for our most discerning clients. Discover the Fope Collection.

What is the history of Fope?

The foundation of Fope began in 1929, with Umberto Cazzola, who opened his first goldsmith’s workshop with just a handful of employees. Cazzola opened a workshop in Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Italy, not far from Venice.

Due to ongoing investment in research and development, Fope evolved into a renowned, and internationally-recognised brand, creating unique, cutting-edge jewellery. By the 1940s, the family's Vicenza premises had developed from a small workshop to a technologically advanced factory. Today, Fope’s state-of-the-art, world headquarters house the company’s premises and production. There are also flagship stores and subsidiary locations in Venice, London, Dubai and Florida. View the Fope flagship stores today!

Eventually, Umerto Cazzola passed on his innovative, pioneering approach to his son Odino. Fope specialised in the production of watch straps made from gold and other precious metals, even becoming suppliers to Switzerland’s biggest watchmaking brands. As the third generation entered into the family firm, Fope began focusing on the design and manufacture of their gold jewellery collections, their wealth of expertise leading their signature style to bring a huge amount of success. Now run by the fourth generation, Fope holds a permanent place in the jewellery industry, standing out as a symbol of the elegance and quality of Italian design. 

Is Fope a family-run business?

Yes, Fope is an Italian, family-owned business that is now in its fourth generation. It has remained a family run company since its birth in 1929, producing unique and distinctive designs that are renowned all over the word. The Cazzola family have held the reins of Fope for generations, building on their father’s sentimental passion for creating a business that is celebrated for its work, creativity and success. 


Men's Fope


What makes Fope so unique?

Fope’s innovation, technological advancements and everyday luxury have contributed towards them being a unique, successful and famous brand. There is one particular inventive design element that created this high standing - the flexible gold strap. This impeccable composition incorporates Cazzolas’ ingenious vision of hiding tiny, 18ct gold springs between the links of gold mesh within the piece. This produced comfortable, stylish jewellery that had never been done before, and that continues to grow in popularity today.

Where are the Fope workshops located?

All Fope products are proudly made in Vicenza, Italy. Its rich history, culture and talent for influential architecture, such as the work of Andrea Palladino, has made Vicenza one of three historic centres of jewellery making in Italy. Fope’s first workshop was set up here in the 20th Century, extending to the roots of the early family as they drew on this rich, shared heritage as they found new ways to interpret the Italian style. To this day, Fope has been making their creations at this Vicenza workshop. 


Fope Bracelet


What is the most popular Fope design?

Flex’it - Flex’it is a unique, technologically advanced concept that has taken the jewellery industry by storm. This collection consists of flexible bracelets that are made solely of 18 carat gold. They are incredibly resistant, and don’t need clasps, meaning that the bracelets can easily roll onto the wrist. This elegantly crafted and iconic design is a Fope exclusive, them being the only jewellery brand who have been able to make these flexible and stretchable bracelets. 

Why should I buy Fope jewellery?

‘Quality above all’ 

Exquisite quality is of the utmost importance to Fope as a company, in all aspects of their work. When it comes to the production of jewellery, each and every Fope piece is meticulously examined. This ranges from colour and design, to the cut and carat weight of diamonds, performing a close inspection of each and every detail. 

What are the Fope company values?

Long-standing values of ethnic principles, efficiency and respect combined with a true flair for innovation, creating unique jewellery that is abundant in design, creativity and intricate detail. Fope are renowned for their excellent values displayed within all of their products, which are exported to over 50 countries around the world. The brand is also sold by select leading independent Jewellers, like Deacons, from Europe, the US, the Emirates, and all the way to South Africa and Hong Kong. 

What are Fope’s ethic certifications?

Fope has always maintained a strong sustainability culture, their products, as well as their internal processes being inspired by the highest ethics. As an international brand, Fope shows an extraordinary commitment towards sustainable practices and ethical choices, alongside their key values of efficiency and respect. 

Fope deeply considers the ethical aspects of production, supply-related choices and design. They also ensure that sustainability is a key factor when it comes to the environment, and the protection of the fundamental natural resources. Fope implements strict standards in order to kindly assess the impact that production may have on environmental effects such as climate change, so that the company can continually work on implementing innovative solutions and practices. This goes hand in hand with Fope’s great care for both their surroundings as well as their team, clients and shareholders.

Where are the Fope flagship stores?

Fope have opened flagship boutiques in 5 beautiful destinations. These are: London, Venice, Isola Bella, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. Each store has a unique interior design, whilst still maintaining the Fope style to combine Italian design, luxury, and with subtle references to local history and culture. Jewellery lies on display throughout these boutiques, each piece being made in Vicenza, Italy, and shipped to more than 50 countries all over the world. 


Fope Perfume


Does Fope sell only jewellery?

Fope have recently presented their new project - the Eau 558 Parfum. This is a sophisticated, unisex fragrance with a subtle presence, becoming a part of you just as a piece of jewellery would. Keeping consistent with all of Fope’s creations, this perfume comes from the artisanal skills and cutting-edge technologies handed down from each family generation. It is truly a work of art; kind and gentle on the skin.

We are yet to stock Fope perfume in our Deacons stores, but please do let us know if you are interested. 

Fope Italian Fine Jewellery at Deacons

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